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About Us

EducationAdminWebAdvisor brings to you, the education administrator, a source of ready information needed to run a modern teaching and learning enterprise, from pre-K to university, from a small school to multi-level systems. Education is at the forefront of our nation’s solutions for the future, and never before have first-rate schools been so important to our nation’s progress.

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Along with daily information posts about issues and innovations in education administration and other freely available content on our website, we offer you the opportunity to benefit firsthand from the experiences of experts in education administration, technology, research, and law. Our live webinar and on demand programs are conceived, designed and delivered with your specific challenges in mind. Our online briefings are presented by seasoned administrators, attorneys who specialize in education law, professors, educational consultants, and others who have witnessed the risks and rewards firsthand and have real-world solutions and perspectives to share with you, their peers. By partaking of these informational opportunities at your own desk or in your conference room, you will stay on top of the kaleidoscope of issues that confronts you every day in a busy, constantly moving educational institution.

Our goal is simple: to keep you in stride with the best practices of your fellow education administrators across the country in such challenging and diverse areas as —

  1. Human resource management (hiring, firing, employee evaluation, among other issues)
  2. Teacher performance
  3. Student achievement
  4. Financial management
  5. Regulatory and legal compliance, including civil rights
  6. Federal and state standards compliance
  7. Educational technology and practice innovations
  8. Charter schools
  9. Targeted student populations (vocational education, gifted and talented, learning disabled, and so forth)
  10. STEM education
  11. Course development and oversight
  12. Fundraising
  13. School nutrition and health and well-being
  14. Documentation and recordkeeping
  15. Parent and community relations
  16. Discipline and behavioral policies
  17. Security and building and grounds management

In these and other areas of education administration, we stand ready to help you stay informed, avoid legal and compliance risks, and elevate your knowledge and leadership skills. The end result for our frequent visitors, we believe, will be superior education management, improved employee performance, higher student achievement, and lower risks. We appreciate you taking the time to read our Mission Statement.


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