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Title IX Coordinator Certification (Higher Education)

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  • October 16, 2023, 1:00 pm   EST
Training Includes:
  • Title IX Coordinator Certification
  • All resources and training materials

Education law expert Rick Verstegen will help you understand the new rules and identify the important implications of Title IX on your institution. You will learn how to adopt appropriate policies, fulfill training requirements, and incorporate effective investigation techniques.

Benefits of Certification

  • Address all Title IX issues that arise in your college or university
  • Master new regulations and prepare for expected changes
  • Protect your institution from potential legal liability
  • Prove your expertise to employers, colleagues, students, and regulators with your Title IX Coordinator Certification


Monday, October 16 - Thursday, October 19, 2023; 1:00 PM Eastern or Monday, November 27 - Thursday, November 30, 2023; 1:00 PM Eastern or Monday, January 8 - Thursday, January 11, 2024; 11:30 AM Eastern
4 Sessions scheduled for 90 minutes including question and answer period.

Training Overview

Unlock Title IX Mastery.  Your Title IX success starts here!

Beware! Title IX issues continue to haunt colleges and universities, and we cannot afford to be complacent. As a Title IX Coordinator, you must possess a profound understanding of every aspect of the job, ranging from policy development, investigation procedures, and compliance monitoring to accommodations.

Failure to do so can leave your institution vulnerable to legal liabilities and put the safety and well-being of students at risk. It's high time to take charge of your career and upskill yourself in this critical area. The consequences of not being prepared are dire and can result in irreparable harm. Don't wait for a crisis to strike; act now to ensure a safer future for all.

The Title IX Coordinator Certification program will enable you to:

  • Address all Title IX issues that arise in your college or university 
  • Master new regulations and prepare for expected changes
  • Protect your institution from potential legal liability
  • Prove your expertise to employers, colleagues, students, and regulators with your Title IX Coordinator Certification

Four engaging webinars will provide detailed insights you can apply immediately to fulfill your obligations.

Title IX Coordinator Certification (Higher Education)

Webinar 1: Title IX Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities

  • History, purpose, and scope of Title IX
  • Procedural requirements, including designating a Title IX Coordinator, adopting grievance procedures, and disseminating a notice of non-discrimination
  • Title IX Coordinator’s responsibilities
  • Potential conflicts of interest
  • Recordkeeping standards
  • Monitoring obligations

Webinar 2: Developing Policies and Conducting Investigations

  • Anti-discrimination policies
  • Grievance procedures
  • Roles of individuals who will assist in developing and enforcing policies and conducting investigations
  • Investigation reports and written determination of sexual harassment
  • Title IX Compliance Manual, including forms for complaints and dismissals
  • Investigations, including interviewing witnesses, assessing credibility, and considering issues of relevance to create an investigation report

Webinar 3: Specific Topics for Title IX Coordinators

  • Athletics, including coaches and affiliated organizations
  • Pregnant students and employees
  • Employee matters, including wages, benefits, and conditions of employment
  • LGBTQ students, including recent guidance and court cases
  • New emphasis on transgender student rights
  • Off-campus conduct

Webinar 4: Case Studies and Compliance Audits

  • Case studies involving different common issues presented for Title IX Coordinators, including on-campus sexual discrimination, off-campus social media sexual harassment, and sexual assault
  • Working with law enforcement and campus police officers
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Restrictions on retaliation and confidentiality
  • Other legal issues, including First Amendment and student records concerns
  • Compliance review, including a records audit and knowledge of investigators

Need Second Chance Retake Insurance?

At CareerLearning, we offer our customers a first-time pass attempt to pass the certification exam at no additional cost. If you don’t pass the first time around, we have provided Second Chance Retake Insurance. For additional information please refer here or reach out to Support@careerlearning.com.

Who Should Attend?

  • Title IX coordinators
  • College and university administrators
  • Human resources professionals
  • Student services professionals
  • Other officials

Expert Presenter

Richard F. Verstegen

  • Partner with Boardman & Clark, LLP of Madison, Wisconsin
  • School Law Practice Group and Labor and Employment Group
  • Represents educational institutions in a variety of education law matters
  • Published many articles regarding education and employment law
  • Former president of the Wisconsin School Attorneys Association
  • Current member of the State Bar of Wisconsin
  • JD degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School

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Employers particularly appreciate CareerLearning certifications because they represent definitive confirmation of the mastery of the subject area.

Please follow these steps to earn your certification:

  • Attend all the training sessions in their entirety.
  • Gain access to the final exam at the conclusion of the last session.
  • Take the final exam and receive a score of 80% or better.   

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